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Author Topic: MISSplaced metalhead: Play the f***ing music and don't "bitch" about it.  (Read 3056 times)
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« on: December 26, 2008, 01:07:28 am »

OK, so I am pretty much risking all posting this.  I hope the mods are not upset with me--I know at other forums, they do not allow my view because it's considered the "F" word, not "fuck"--the OTHER "F" word...

For quite some time, I have had many questions about where I really stand in the metal community.  I'm trying to make this more of a broad issue as it affects a LOT of people, but I am drawing on my personal experience for more background into this.  I am a metalhead and prefer metal at it's extreme, especially death metal.  I also happen to be a woman.

I don't have many female friends who like the same type of music.  The ones who do I couldn't really talk to them about this, except for the collective agreement that the slutty chicks who kiss all the guys in the mosh pits give the real female metalheads a bad name!

I have read many books about metal culture, gender and metal, misogyny in metal--you name it.  I even wrote a final essay for my music history class and I titled it "The Discouragement and Involvement of Women in Metal."  Authors such as Deena Weinstein and Robert Walser write a lot of academic material regarding this in their books.  There is another book I might check out by Natalie Purcell.  Still, after all this reading and thinking, I feel out of place.

Many would say to "quit bitching out it" and accept the fact that in both metal culture (especially death metal) and western culture in general, women are conditioned to try hard to look "hot" and dress sexy.  There ARE women in metal who are not promoting this "hot n sexy" look, but unfortunately, there is still encouragement for that to happen.  The magazine Revolver has published "the hottest chicks in metal" pictures.  And even worse, the popular death metal zine, http://www.thegrimoire.com/ , promotes using women as "sex pawns" and even has video clips of horror involving "rape orgies" against women.  Hey, I'm no stranger to this.  I listen to Cannibal Corpse and other death metal acts that use or have used seemingly misogynist lyrics.

I have tried to accept the fact that "women are seen as pawns" as I still have yet to see the promotion of nude men on any of those metal zines--no I don't want to see it at all, but I sure wish they would quit reducing women to tits and twat.  But I am actually a musician and not only live and breathe and eventually die in metal, but I PLAY it too.  And I don't want to be some softie metalcore/symphonic/operatic/pop-metal singer who plays glam riffs--nooooooo!  Unfortunately that is what people expect--the element of surprise is definitely a valuable and shocking one that I carry--consider it a weapon.

I just wanted to state that I get offended by the misogynist approach that death metal has but I continue to listen to it, play it, and go to the concerts.  Hey, ask me about the Zimmer's Hole concert I went to--actually, don't ask!  I am offended by the misogyny in metal because I am not sure how to react to that crap.  I do NOT believe in censorship at all--nothing should be forced away, all art should be available for those who wish to pursue it.  BUT I wonder--am I welcome in this genre?  Either way, no one steps on my toes--I'll keep playing until I die, even if I have to work a shitty job doing tech support for people who can't even tie their shoelaces (no my job isn't that bad--I actually really like it--I'm just saying worst case scenario).  Are women in metal viewed as just more "Grimoire Girls" or as clean operatic singers?  I really hope my post here isn't being offensive--I'm trying to figure out some things as well as promote discussion.  I will sent message to mods to make sure I did not step out of line.  Thanks all for reading, look forward to reading your thoughts.

**Edit:  I couldn't figure out which mod(s) to email/PM this to, so if you are mod and reading this, please let me know if this is a bad post.  Also I could not find rules on the board except no spamming and I don't think this is spam.
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« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2008, 05:25:38 pm »

Check out the band Acid King - the guitarist / vocalist Lori S. is a good example of a "musician who just happens to be a woman".

Acid King - Heavy Load


Also, check out some of Therion's former female vocalists - they're not exactly "hourglass shaped"!

Therion - Blood of Kingu

Those are the only counterexamples I can think of at the moment. It just seems to me that it's rare for women to want to play metal guitar.  Not good or bad, just rare, and therefore there is currently no "support system" for rare persons such as yourself.  You should be able to use that to your advantage, as long as you don't already have a chip on your shoulder about being a woman in a man's music scene.  People are not the media.  If you get out there and fucking rock, no one's going to care if you're a girl or not. Cool


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