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Author Topic: MALHKEBRE "Serviteur de l'Ignominie" TS out now.  (Read 5048 times)
Kill for Him
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« on: November 26, 2007, 02:08:47 am »

MALHKEBRE "Serviteur de l'Ignominie"

TS - out now !

High quality shirts, black printing on black shirts.

Available sizes : S, M, L, XL & XXL.

15 euro - paypal accepted


On-line Underground Fukking Blasphemous shop at :

NeXt SK'rS :

SK'R012LP - DARVULIA "L'Alliance des Venins" LP coproduction with NWN !

SK'R018  -  HAEMOTH "Vice, Suffering & Destruction..." CD / Picture LP with cover & poster.

SK'R019  -  INPESTAE "Cold & Dead" MCD  (Haemoth's new projekt, 5 tracks of Great Harsh & Aggressive Black Metal)

DARVULIA "Logo" TS - Sizes : S, M, L, XL & XXL - January 2K8 A.S.

Others SK'rS available :

SK'R017 DARVULIA "L'Ombre Malicieuse" CD
SK'R016 MALHKEBRE "Prostration" MLP Lim. Ed
SK'R015 ANTAEUS/AOSOTH "Wrath of the Evangelikum" CD
SK'R013 GOATLORD CORP. "Horns of Resurrection" EP
SK'R012 DARVULIA "L'Alliance des Venins" CD

HAEMOTH "Satanik Terrorism" TS (Size : S)
ANCESTRAL FOG TS/LS (Killer Chris Moyen Design, A4 print on front & Ancestral Fog logo on back - available on white or black shirt sizes : M, L, XL)
HAEMOTH "Vice, Suffering & Destruction" TS - Sizes : S, M, L, XL, XXL (grey printing with big hth's logo on front and angel on back)

Some new poisonous items in distribution :

KORGONTHURUS "s/t" CD Raw and cold Black Metal. [Label: Obscure Abhorrence]
SHEMHAMPHORASH "Dementia" CD Black Metal [Label: Trade]
FORGOTTEN DARKNESS "Nekrolog" CD Raw Black Metal. [Label: Ewiges Eis]
VAZAL "Age Of Chaos" CD Primitive and destructive Black Metal. Hail Chaos! [Label: Meurtre Noir]
CORPUS CHRISTII "Rising" CD "Black Metal is only dead to those who not follow the wisdom of Satan". An excellent album... [Label: Nightmare]
URN "Dawn of the Devastation" CD Brutal assault of old school Black/Thrash [Label: No Sign Of Live]
FOSCOR "The smile of the sad ones" CD Pure cold Black Metal [Label: Temple Of Darkness]
HOATH "Codex II : Kether" CD Great occult Death Metal, brutal and morbid stuff [Label: Hammer of Hate]
F?RGJ?RD "Henkeen ja vereen" CD Raw Black Metal with some melodic parts [Label: Hammer of Hate]
BEASTCRAFT "Into the burning pit of hell" CD Raw Black Metal in the Northern vein, true guardians of the ancient flame ! [Label: Black Seed]
LUCIFUGUM "Sectane Satani" CD New opus of one of the most interesting band from Ukraine. Twisted Melodic Black Metal [Label: Propaganda]
ARS MANIFESTA "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival" CD Raw, cold Black Metal [Label: Black Seed]
OBEISANCE "Unholy Unwholesome & Evil" CD Brutal War/Death with chainsaw style riffs and ugly vocals [Label: Black Seed]
ZARACH BAAL THARAGH "Misanthropia" CD-R Slim Plastic Raw, dirty Black Metal [Label: Autoprod]
NUCLEAR DESECRATION "Nuclear Demons Attack" EP with printed inner sleeve - No melodies here, just taste the nuclear vomit. [Label: Gasmask]
URGEHAL/BEASTCRAFT "Nekromisanthrop/Blackwinged Messiah of Blasphemy" EP Gatefold 2 excellents underground bands from Norway, raw traditionnal Black Metal, Great artwork [Label: Black Seed]
TYRANNY "In Times of Tyranny" MCD Fast and aggressive Thrash/Death/Black Metal. [Label: Ewiges Eis]
JUMALH?M?R? "Slaughter the messenger" MCD Interesting experimental Black Metal with jazz influences. [Label: Hammer Of Hate]
ARSONIST LODGE "Perkele Antikristus ja V?r? Profeetta" MCD Grim Black Metal [Label: Hammer of Hate]
KADOTUS "Twilight's Depth" MCD Classical Black Metal in the pure northern tradition [Label: Werewolf]
SEELENGREIF "Jenseits der Schatten" MCD Black metal with acoustics parts [Label: Tour de garde]
SALVATION "In Dies Maior" MCD Digipack Demo pressed on pro-CD limited to 300 handnumbered copies - Raw Black Metal. Nice layout. [Label: Raging Bloodlust]
WALD GEIST WINTER "Des Nebels langer Weg" Tape demo, pro-cover - Grim and depressive Black Metal with fast passages. [Label: Raging Bloodlust]
WALD GEIST WINTER "Siegreich ist das Eis" Tape demo - Grim and depressive Black Metal with fast passages. [Label: Raging Bloodlust]
BESTIAL RAIDS "Reversed Black Trinity" Tape album, pro-cover, pro-tape - Killer bestial Black/Death Metal, by far their best recording! [Label: kaMpf]

Kill for HIM !

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