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Author Topic: NECROCOSM MAILORDER UPDATE  (Read 11689 times)
« on: October 25, 2007, 04:12:32 am »

FUNERALIUM "s/t" CD Extreme Doom genre...
MOURNING DAWN "s/t" CD Excellent depressive Black/Doom Metal.
DISGRACE "Grey Misery" CD
DEICIDE "In Torment In Hell" CD
DYING FETUS "Killing on Adrenaline" CD Technical Death/Core.
NECROPHAGIST "Onset of Putrefaction" CD Ultra-technical brutal Death Metal.
BRODEQUIN "Festival of Death" CD Ultra-fast and ultra-brutal Death Metal.
SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION "s/t" CD The ultimate Grindcore band.
HIEROPHANT "The Tome" CD Total funeral Doom Metal
EVOKEN "Embrace the Emptiness" CD Fantastic funeral Doom
CATACOMBS "Echoes Through the Catacombs" CD
SWARTALF "The Golden Section" CD
HADIT "Arise" CD
GRUNTSPLATTER "The Aberrant Laboratory" CD Dark Ambient.
HUNTING LODGE "Necropolis" CD Classic album of industrial music from 1984 re-released by Dark Vinyl.
DEMONIX "Never Felt So Alive - the lost mixes" CD
ECHO WEST "Echoes of the West" CD
DISSECTING TABLE "Ultimate Psychological Description II" CD
ENDURA "Elder Signs" CD Double CD - Ambient
LUSTMORD "A document of early accoustic & tactical experimentation" CD
PHALLUS DEI "Nature Morte" CD Industrial/Darkwave
PROFANE GRACE "Serenity of the Endless Graves" CD Dark, Ethereal Ritualistic Ambient
HERMANN HOPP "Nekronology" CD
CORPSING "The Stench of Humanity" CD Brutal Death Metal.
DEFEATED SANITY "Prelude to the Tragedy" CD Death Metal, technical and brutal.
DEFEATED SANITY "Psalms of the Moribund" CD Brutal and technical Death Metal.
ENTHRALLMENT "Smashed Brain Collection" CD Brutal Death Metal.
A TRIBUTE TO ROZZ WILLIAMS "The Tongue Achieves The Dialest" CD
NYTHRA "My Anodyne" CD Electro/Ambient with female voice.
PHALLUS DEI "Adorations" CD Gothic
MYSTERIAN "A Rose for the Dying" CD Melancholic neo-
PROSCENIUM "Behind the Curtain" CD
HOEDH "Universum" CD
EXP "s/t" CD
MONDBLUT "Scorn" CD Ambient.
PHD? "Resource" CD
PROSCENIUM "Weltschmerz" CD
DIE SONNE SATANS "Archive Compendium" CD
SATOR ABSENTIA "The True Meaning of Golgotha" CD Dark ritual Ambient. Limited to 500 copies.
ECHO WEST "In Pop We Trust" CD
DEVOURMENT "1.3.8." CD Brutal Death Metal.
ASUNDER "Works Will Come Undone" CD Digipack One of the finest Doom metal band.
WOLD "Screech Owl" CD Digipack Extremely harsh & aggressive Black Metal, near to industrial noise in fact
AGRESSOR "The Merciless Onslaught" LP Gatefold The cult debuts : 3 demos from '86, '87, '89 ! Truly excellent Thrash/Death Metal
GOAT THE HEAD "Neander Tales" MCD Primal caveman Death Metal.
SKEPTICISM "The Process of Fermakon" MCD Digipack

There it's time to fight for the sake of Decadence,
To crush those foreign to Aesthetic Death.

Distribution & Production of Dark & Extreme Underground Arts.

Necroreleases available :

NECRO-003 DEAD CONGREGATION "Purifying Consecrated Ground" MLP, Killer Old School Death Metal, Lim to 666 copies.
NECRO-004 MELEK-THA "Apokalypsia" CD - Evil Ritualistic Industrial/Ambient Akt !  Out now.

NeXt Necroreleases :

NECRO-005 - NEO INFERNO 262 "Hacking the holy code" Digipack CD
"Industrial Extreme Metal for HIM and your children"

NECRO-006 - SEKTARISM "L'Offrande" MCD
"Extreme Satanik Funeral Doom"
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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2009, 12:47:46 pm »

New distro update!

 Black/death Metal with Palubicki from Angel Corpse and Blume from Ares Kingdom. [Label: Osmose]

PANTHEIST "Journey Through Lands Unknown" CD
Funeral Doom Metal. [Label: Firebox]

TORTURE WHEEL "Crushed Under... " CD Digipack
Excellent Funeral Doom Metal with a lot of drone/ambient arrangements. [Label: Firedoom]

JOTUNSPOR "Gleipnirs Smeder" EP Gatefold with printed inner sleeve -
Excellent Black Metal with members of Gorgoroth, Dead To This World. [Label:
Temple Of Darkness]

JOTUNSPOR "Gleipnirs Smeder" LP Picture IN GATEFOLD JACKET, with printed
inner sleeve - Excellent Black Metal with members of Gorgoroth, Dead To This
World. Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Temple Of Darkness]

SHAARIMOTH "Current 11" LP with printed inner sleeve, poster -
Sumerian/Mesopotamian Death Metal influenced by Nile, Morbid Angel,
Melechesh... Limited to 500 copies. [Label: Temple Of Darkness]

ETERNAL DARKNESS "Total Darkness" LP Gatefold with printed inner sleeve,
white vinyl - "Sweden´s Legends of punishing Death Metal Doom return. 'Total
Darkness' discography LP contains unreleased and new remastered old tracks
from 1990 - 1993. Expect pure Death Doom Metal with the genuine 90´s guitar
sound and a really heavy and deep atmosphere. This will be the ultimate
Eternal Darkness vinyl ever. Don´t miss this gem." [Label: Temple Of

BLACK CRUCIFIXION "Promethean Gift" LP Gatefold 180g vinyl - Re-release of
the mini-album from 1993 (remastered by the band)including 4 bonus tracks!
Hypnotizing powerful mid-tempo Black Metal with clean vocals. [Label:

NOCTERNITY "En Oria" LP Gatefold Epic Black Metal well done, with some synth
like the old Emperor, alternances between fast and atmospheric parts. Limited to
500 handnumbered kopies. [Label: Fog Of The Apocalypse]

ABIGAIL "Ultimate Unholy Death" LP Gatefold Heavy vinyl, poster, printed
inner sleeve ! - The new album. Excellent fast Black/Thrash n' roll !
[Label: Nuclear War Now!]

TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Hell On Earth" LP Gatefold with poster - Second full-length
of total Thrash Metal ! [Label: Nuclear War Now!]

HAATSTRIJD "Cacodaemony" LP Gatefold Pure Black Metal, intense satanic
devotion. Nice layout. [Label: Sadolust]

MATRICIDE "Holy Virgin" LP Gatefold Really good true Black Metal. "The Lord
is Boundless!" Contains a bonus track that doesn't appear in the CD version.
[Label: Obscure Abhorrence]

BESTIAL WARLUST "Vengeance War 'till Death" LP Picture Kult satanic War
Metal. Official re-release of this jewel of brutality originally recorded in
1993/1994. Limited, includes A4 poster. one kopy back in stock ! [Label:
Black Ace]

BESTIAL MOCKERY "Slaying The Life" LP Picture comes with custom die-cut
"winged demon" outer jacket, poster (not with regular LP) & nice fold-out
insert with huge photo collage and lyrics - "BESTIAL MOCKERY stands for the
ultimate downfall of humanity in all its forms, the mockery of everything
sacred and holy. Un-political and purely satanic, evil is everywhere and
Black Metal is Satan"s hand! "Slaying the Life", the band"s brand new full
length platter.. Thrashingly evil, bleaker than black and 666% METAL!
Bestial Mockery wage musical war on YOU!" [Label: Hells Headbangers]
SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT "s/t" MLP Gatefold comes in heavy vinyl, printed
inner sleeve and poster - 25 minutes of True Black Metal. [Label:
Blasphemous Underground]

AUX LIMITES DU SON "Nouvelles" Book 179 pages, 23x17 cm - Livre + CD. Sept
écrivains, anciens membres du groupement littéraire Limite (Barbéri,
Berthelot, Curval, Evrard, Jouanne, Serva, Vernay) déclinent le thème
suivant : Limites sonores et vertus de l'inaudible. Les nouvelles sont
illustrées grafiquenment par Jef Benech' et musicalement par les artistes
suivants : De Mange Machine : Une Etrange Existence Autonome La STPO,
Laurent Pernice, Enihcam, Palo Alto, Gitanjali And The Masters Of Mystic
Entertainment, Jef benech’, BeNe GeSSeRiT, KeNy2, Non Finito Orchestra,
Denis Frajerman & Lise N., DDAA, Nouvelles Lectures Cosmopolites, Thierry
Weyd And The Little Birds, Human Flesh. Une oeuvre magique et extrêmement
intéressante qui remue l'esprit et qui démontre que l'art n'a pas de limites
! [Label: La Volte]

VOIVOD "Katorz" LP Gatefold thick cardboard sleeve - Progressive, unique
Metal. [Label: Infinite Vinyl]

NECROPHAGIA "Harvest Ritual vol.1" LP Picture [Label: n/a]

For all asking or order, please contact us on order@necrocosm.org
Or by snail mail at:
Appt 5
25, rue du Soleil Levant

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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2009, 12:55:21 pm »


We get a great Grindcore/Brutal Death arrival in our stocks!

MOCKERY "...On The Slab" CD GoreGrind. [Label: Hecatombe]

JONBENET RAMSEY "The Forsaken Porning Of Prepuberescent Anus" CD Sick and humoristic grindcore, including "Burning Away" cover from Nunslaughter! [Label: Latex Solar Beef]

URINE FESTIVAL "Of A Hermaphroditic Enema And An Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure" CD 1h05 of pure urophilic grindcore! [Label: Klysma]

NEUROPATHIA "Graveyard Cowboy" CD Crazy Grindcore with Punk accents, humoristic "Graveyard Gore Horror Grind" as they definite themselves. [Label: Selfmadegod]

ANTIGAMA "Zeroland" CD Third album, their most accessible offering. [Label: Selfmadegod]

HARK! IT'S A CRAWLING TAR-TAR "Dorr Darr Gelap Communique" CD Digipack A south asian mix of epic gloomy hardcore, fast thrash and crust. Really inspirated, with great litterature influences and a great artwork! [Label: Thrash Steady Syndicate]

LENG TCH'E/WARSCARS "s/t Split CD" CD Digipack An excellent grind production, 26 tracks of musical propaganda for sociologic warfare. With menbers of Gronibard. [Label: Bones Brigade]

COCK AND BALL TORTURE "Sadochismo" CD "Bulldozer bondage gore" death metal. [Label: The Spew]


NEW! We now distribute Camion Blanc books (IN FRENCH ONLY): Série d'ouvrages sur les cultures métalliques et alternatives et leurs sources d'inspiration et affiliés.

IRON MAIDEN "Morceaux d'esprits" Book Thèmes et origines des chansons de la Vierge de Fer par Jean-Philippe Petesch. Chaque mouvement musical a ses fers de lance : des groupes qui cristallisent l’essence d’un zeitgeist, d’un état d’esprit et d’époque. Iron Maiden est de cette trempe : ils sont [devenus] le heavy metal.La Vierge de Fer est une machine insatiable. Mais au-delà de l’aspect statistique, c’est bel et bien la variété des sujets abordés par Iron Maiden pour nourrir l’univers et l’imaginaire liés au groupe qui les rend uniques dans l’histoire du heavy metal, ainsi que le montre la lecture de ce livre : littérature, cinéma, télévision, personnages et événements historiques majeurs… La Vierge de Fer est avide de mythologies, au point d’avoir créé une mascotte qui en a incarné de nombreuses : Eddie, le mort-vivant qui, en un sens, symbolise Iron Maiden : protéiforme et éternel, lui-même mythique au point de mériter une biographie… Contient photos, 352 pages. [Label: Camion Blanc]

CHOOSING DEATH "L'Histoire du Death Metal et du Grindcore" Book Par Albert Mudrian. En 1986, personne n’aurait imaginé que le death metal et le grindcore allaient avoir un impact sur la culture populaire. Pourtant, cet amalgame barbare de punk hardcore et de heavy metal allait incarner les limites de la musique extrême durant les années à venir. Diffusés au travers d’un réseau underground d’échange de cassettes animé par de jeunes gens en colère, le death metal et le grindcore se répandirent plus vite qu’une invasion de zombies, grâce aux groupes qui se formaient aux quatre coins de la planète. En 1992, Earache Records avait vendu plus d’un million d’albums de death metal et de grindcore, rien qu’aux États-Unis. "Choosing Death, l’histoire du death metal et du grindcore" raconte l’ascension, la chute et la résurrection de ces musiques extrêmes au travers des témoignages des artistes, des producteurs, des labels qui ont animé ce mouvement. « Je considère le death metal et le grindcore comme un retour du punk extrême, disait John Peel. Cette musique est un pas de plus vers un territoire hors-la-loi situé au-delà de toute musique agressive jamais entendue. » Nombreuses photos et illustrations, 336 pages.

LA BIBLE SATANIQUE Book Par Anton Szandor LaVey. Appelé "Le Pape Noir" par nombre de ses disciples, Anton LaVey a fait le premier pas du chemin qui allait le mener vers la Grande Prêtrise de l'église de Satan lorsqu'il avait 16 ans et qu'il jouait de l'orgue au cours d'un carnaval : "Le samedi soir, je voyais des hommes convoiter des femmes en train de danser a demi nues, et le dimanche matin, alors que je jouais de l'orgue dans la messe évangéliste à l'autre bout du carnaval, je voyais ces mêmes hommes assis avec leur femme et leurs enfants, demandant à Dieu de les pardonner et de les libérer des désirs de la chair. Et le samedi suivant, ils étaient de nouveau au carnaval ou dans quelque autre endroit permissif. "C'est là que j'ai compris que l'Eglise chrétienne prospère sur l'hypocrisie, et que la nature charnelle de l'homme est indéniable !" Dès ce moment de sa vie, son chemin était tracé. Finalement, au cours de la dernière nuit d'avril de l'année 1966 - Walpurgisnacht, la nuit du plus important rassemblement des personnes s'adonnant à la sorcellerie -, LaVey s'est rasé le crâne dans la tradition des anciens bourreaux et a annoncé la formation de l'Eglise de Satan. 320 pages.

BLACK METAL SATANIQUE "Les Seigneurs du Chaos"     Un historique passionnant du mouvement, complété par des interviews des personnalités de la scène et de nombreuses (et rares) photos. "A la fin du dernier millénaire, plus de 100 églises d'Europe ont été brûlées et profanées par des membres du milieu black metal, la forme la plus extrême de musique underground de toute la planète. C'est dans une guerre impie prenant de plus en plus d'importance que les groupes de black metal et leurs fans obsessionnels ont laissé un héritage sinistre de suicides, de meurtres et de terrorisme qui continue à se propager de la Norvège à l'Allemagne, en passant par la Finlande, l'Amérique et au-delà... Ecrit par deux journalistes qui ont un accés unique au monde peu fréquentable du black metal, le best-seller "Les Seigneurs du Chaos" a aujourd'hui été revu et augmenté avec de nouvelles révélations saisissantes. Ce récit primé présente des centaines de photos rares et d'entrevues avec des prêtres, des policiers, des satanistes et des leaders de groupes démoniaques qui croient que plus le Mal se répand, plus leur triomphe est grand." 520 pages.


Other News in stock:

ANDY JULIA "Ideal" Book 180 pages - Hardcover - luxuous paper, color and duotone BW printing. Fresque photographique et poétique sur le thème de l'idéal décliné à travers la relation entre un photographe et un unique modèle incarnant de multiples personnages. [Label: Orkus]

A REBOURS "Experimental Short Films DVD Compilation" DVD Transgressive short films DVD compilation emanating from the Void, from sexual atomisation and a Black eternally Blacker than Black. Printed at 500 copies.  [Label: Cinema Abattoir]

PESTE NOIRE "Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor" CD Digipack The new misdeed from KPN! Valfunde is exploring deeper the way he entered to save true french culture, with theese ten martial and folk black metal songs about nationalism and decadent poetry. You can't pass away this album! [Label: De Profundis]

DIAPSIQUIR "Pacta Daemonarium/Crasse" CD Double Disc one - Crasse 2001 Disc two - Pacta Daemoniarum 1999 Reissue of the two Diapsiquir's Demos. Check now the begining of this insane experimental beast into your ears! Always Deaper, to and for Him! [Label: Hospital]

KARNARIUM "Karnarium" CD First full-length album of this Old School Death Metal band, 9 tracks of grime and occultism! Including Impetigo's cover "Wizard of Gore".  [Label: Blood Harvest]

For all asking or order, please contact us on order@necrocosm.org
Or by snail mail at:
Appt 5
25, rue du Soleil Levant

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« Reply #3 on: July 21, 2009, 03:22:26 pm »

T-shirts, Girlies & Longsleeves in distribution : massive mailorder update !

For sizes & price, please visit here : necrocosm.org/

For all order or informations : order@necrocosm.org

DOWN "Over the Under" LS

CELTIC FROST "Morbid Tales" LS printed sleeve "Celtic frost"

SYSTR "Symbiotic Stridulations" Girly

SYSTR "PSN Army STR" Girly Tank top

SYSTR "PSN Army STR" Girly

MALHKEBRE "Logo - Girly" Girly Grey printing on black girly shirts - one side printed [Label: Battlesk'rs]

NEMESIS "Logo" Girly electric blue logo

NEMESIS "Logo" TS purple logo

NEMESIS "Logo" TS light blue logo

NEMESIS "Logo" TS electric blue logo

NEMESIS "Logo" TS white logo

SYSTR "Symbiotic Stridulations" TS

HER(M)ETIC "Pablo Escobar" TS "Tribute to El Padrone. No Scarface crap here. This is for real". With a little Hermetic logo printed on the sleeve.

HER(M)ETIC "Made in France" TS "Pourquoi se branler devant Charles Manson alors que vous avez peut être été voisin de Francis Heaulmes? " With a little Hermetic logo printed on the sleeve.

SATHANAS "Flesh for the Devil" TS white-printing on back : pentacle + Sathanas' logo and Flesh for the Devil.

IMPALED NAZARENE "Nihil" TS High quality shirt - Nihil Cover on front and Smoke crack and worship satan on Back.

MARDUK "Plague Angel" TS

GORGOROTH "Destroyer" TS High quality shirt with printing on back too.

MALHKEBRE "Logo" TS - One side printed - Grey printing on Fruit of the Loom shirts. [Label: Battlesk'rs]

DARVULIA "Logo" TS - Two sides printed - Darvulia's logo on front and The Apostles of Ignominy's sigil on back. [Label: Battlesk'rs]

INPESTAE « Logo » TS - logo on front - white printing on fruit of the loom shirts. [Label: Battlesk'rs]

ARCHGOAT "The Light-Devouring Darkness" TS [Label: Blasphemous Underground]

NEO INFERNO 262 "For a Constructive Approach of Absolute Evil" TS [Label: Necrocosm]

BATHORY "Goathead" TS

DEN SAAKALDTE "Ol, Morke og Depresjon" TS with "Elsk dine Ekte venner: Ol og Satan" on back.

DIMMU BORGIR "In Sorte Diaboli" TS High quality shirt and printing.

CARCASS "Symphonies of Sickness" TS

DEICIDE "Hoursglass" TS

SAINT VITUS "Was born too late" TS

VENOM "Black Metal" TS Silver printing

W.A.S.P "Fuck like a beast" TS



OBITUARY "Logo" TS Girly

CANDLEMASS "Epic Doom Metal" TS with "Please let me die in solitude" printed on back

!Death is Art!
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« Reply #4 on: August 08, 2009, 04:42:14 pm »

Hailz Necrowarriorz,

Sales time have begun for many mail-orders, making their stuff as cheapest as we’re begnining to think they’re going to pass away. Even if we’ll never stop, lots of suckerz rather download underground stuffs, just making the fuckin’ rotten shit big divas fatest than ever and killing all true inovatives creating processus. Burn those bastards! Anyway we decided to low some of our prices for our necrofuckerz. So until 08/22, all articles in the following list will correspond to the price we indicate here (don’t pay attention about those writed in the mail order, you’ll just pay what is mentioned here).


All Tapes only cost 2.5 euro during this sales time!


NUIT NOIRE “Logo” grey TS: 8€

EPs :

AMNION « Burn The Forest » : 3€
BALMOG « Nausea » : 2€
DIES ATER “Rausch Der Macht”: 2€
FRONT BEAST “Art Satanic Ex Tempus”: 2€
IMPURITY “Guest Of The Eternal Pit”: 2.75€
IN AETERNUM “Covered In Hell – European Tour Edition”: 3€
INFERNAL NECROMANCY “Freezing Blackstained Universe”: 2€
NOCTURNAL VOMIT “Arts Of Tenebrous Superstition”: 2€
NUIT NOIRE “Furïbond Elegance”: 2€
REINFECTION “Secondary Damage”: 3€
WORSHIP/PERSISTENCE IN MOURNING “Elemental Doom Trilogy I - Wood”: 3€


AVENGER “Godless”: 5€
BLACK CIRCLE “The Distant Wind...” and “Behold My Visions and Wisdom”: 7€
DEATHSPELL OMEGA: “Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum”: 10€
EVOCATION “s/t”: 7€
FUNERARY CALL “The Black Root” and “Sickness Falling”: 7€
IN AETERNUM “Forever Blasphemy” and “The Pestilent Plague”: 6€
LUCIFUGUM “Sociopath: Philosophy Cynism”: 7€
MANTICORE “For Rats And Plague”: 10€
MORTUARY DRAPE “Buried In Time”: 7€
NEFANDUS “The Nightwind Carry Our Names”: 10€
OBEISANCE « Lucifer Master »: 7€
PROFANATICA « Profanatitas De Domonatias » et « The Enemy Of Virtue – Dble Black LP Edition » : 10€
SABBATH “To Praise The Sabbatical Queen”: 10€


ACRIMONIOUS “Perdition Gospel”: 5€
ARCHAIC “Akelarre/Regressor”: 3€
AXIS OF ADVANCE “Strike”, “Obey” and “The List”: 4€
A SIXT SENSE OF DARKNESS “split: Bloodshet Nihil, Noctifer, Vordr, Wrath, Arkha Sva, Impious Havoc”: 5€
BLACK FUNERAL “Belial Arisen”, “Az-i-Dahak”, “Ordog” and “Waters Of Weeping”: 6€
GOATLORD “Reflexion Of The Solstice” and “The Last Sodomy Of Mary”: 7€
GRAVEN “The Shadows Eternal Call”: 7€
HATRED “The Offering”:4€
HIEMS “Cold Void Journey”: 4€
MANIAC BUTCHER “Epitaph”, “Live In Germany” and “Cerna Krev”: 4€
MASSEMORD “Skogen Kaller”: 4€
OCATGON “Artisans Of Cruetly”: 4€
REV. KRISS HADES “The Wind Of Orion”: 6€
SILVA NIGRA “Cerny Kult”: 4€
SOULCIDE/NUCLEAR WINTER “Misanthropy – Beyond The Nought”: 4€
SOULLESS “Agony’s lament”, “Journey Of Souls”, “The Darkening Of Days”:4€
SOULLESS/EXSECRATOR “Inheritance Of The Wicked Empire”: 4€
STALAGGH: “Projekt Terror”, “Nihilistik Terror” and “Project Nihil”: 6€
STORMBRINGER “Abandon Hope”: 4€
SUMMON “Baptised By Fire”, “Fire Turns Everything... Black”, “No Thoughts From The Sky” and “Dark Descent Of Fallen Souls”: 4€
SUMMONER “Winter Solstice”: 4€
SUPREMACY “Satanic Reich”: 6€
SYKDOM “Intet Liv” and “Mjöllnir (That Smashes)”: 3€
TEMPLE OF BAAL “Servants Of The Beats” and “Traitors To Mankind”: 7€
THE TRUE ENDLESS “Wings Of Wrath”, “A Climb To Eternity” and “Buried By Time And Dust”: 3€
THRONED “...There Where The Moon Rises”: 3€
THY REPENTANCE “Through The Twilight Eyes Of Frost”: 3€
TRANSGRESSOR “Recollected Limbs”: 5€
TYPHUS “Profound Blasphemous Proclamation”: 4€
UHRILEHTO “Vitutus Millenium”: 3€
WELTBRAND “Radiance Of A Thousand Sun” and “The Cloud Of Retaliation” 4€

WARNING: due to some missings all your orders will only be sent after august, 24. Sorry for the delay. Until this date, for all reservation and asking please contact Humanicide at humanicide@necrocosm.org. Thanks for your understanding.

Death Is Art!

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